The NHS report 11,117 hospital admissions were directly attributed to obesity in 2018/19. Weight loss is something thousands of people across the country are battling with every day. The weight loss treatment London residents seek may depend on their personal circumstances. It may also depend on how weight loss programs and treatments have worked in the past. Dr Rehan Haidry is an experienced consultant gastroenterologist and endoscopist. He can discuss the gastroenterological approaches to treating obesity with you and help you find the right treatment for your lifestyle.

Weight Loss Treatment Options

Patients usually try a range of weight loss treatment options both with or without medical support, before they consider surgical intervention or an endoscopic weight loss treatment. The basic guidelines for managing obesity and achieving weight loss are:

  • Eating a balanced, calorie-controlled diet as recommended you weight loss management team or GP
  • Attending local weight loss groups or organisations
  • Taking up new exercise in a way to suit your fitness level and then develop

Patients who have tried the above approach may also be offered medication which can help with weight loss. However, if nothing works, patients may want to consider a surgical approach. Dr Haidry supports patients looking at endoscopic weight loss procedures. They are a safe and lower-risk alternative to bariatric surgeries. Let’s look more closely at the weight loss treatment London patients can discuss with Dr Haidry.

Intragastric Balloon

An intragastric balloon or IGB is a device that can be placed in the stomach to aid weight loss. The device is made from soft silicone and is fed into the stomach via an endoscope and then filled with liquid. This helps to reduce the size of the stomach. It also helps make the stomach feel full, minimising the amount of food you eat. An IGB is not a permanent change, and the device is usually removed within 6 to 12 months. During this period patients experience rapid weight loss and to maintain it, a sensible and healthy diet and exercise is necessary.  Your doctor will remove the IGB with a further endoscopic procedure.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) works by reducing the size of your stomach using an endoscopic device which can suture, removing the need for surgery.  Dr Haidry is one of the first endoscopists in the United Kingdom to offer this new and innovative treatment. He spent time in Belgium learning to perform the procedure before working with his Bariatric Colleagues to introduce the procedure to University College Hospital which became the first NHS site to offer this exciting procedure to patients. The procedure minimises the size of the stomach, so it is more like a tube than its regular size and this ensures patients feel fuller for longer. Once the procedure is complete, patients still need to follow a healthy diet, or it can be unsuccessful.

Booking Weight Loss Treatment London with Dr Rehan Haidry

To find out more about weight loss treatments available through Dr Rehan Haidry please get in touch today. You can arrange an appointment at one of his clinics and see if either weight loss procedure is the right solution for your circumstances.