Oesophageal Stent

What is a Oesophageal Stent? 

An oesophageal stent is a device used to keep the food pipe open, it’s usually made from metal or plastic and inserted directly into the oesophagus.

There are many conditions which can result in the food pipe becoming partially or fully blocked and a stent being placed into the blocked area helps to open it up and make easier to swallow and pass food and liquid through to the rest of the digestive system.

Preparing for an Oesophageal Stent

Before you have the procedure, you will need to ensure your doctor has your full medical history including an allergies.

You will either be sedated or have a general anaesthetic to ensure the procedure can go comfortably. You will also be given direction on when to stop eating or drinking before the procedure, this usually at least six hours.

Oesophageal Stent Procedure

The oesophageal stent procedure can be carried out in two different ways. It can either be fitted via endoscopy or via x-ray.

Stents using endoscopy involve having an endoscope fed through your mouth into your oesophagus. The camera and light attached to the endoscope allow the doctor to easily position the stent where the blockage is.

Stent using x-ray involves the use of fine wire into your food pipe until it hits the blockage. You will then have an x-ray so the doctor can view the blocked are on the screen. The stent can next be passed down the wire until it is correctly in place.

Recovery and Eating with a Stent

Most people need to stay in hospital once an oesophageal stent is fitted so they can be monitored to see its effectiveness. The stent will expand over this time and open up the food pipe so food and drink can pass through into the stomach more easily.

You will be asked not to eat and drink for a few hours after having the stent and then slowly liquids will be introduced. Once a stent has been fitted you must stick to soft foods as harder foods will not be able to pass through the stent.

Your diet plan is something that can be discussed before and after the procedure.

Appointments with Dr Rehan Haidry

Dr Haidry is an experienced consultant gastroenterologist committed to helping patients find the best treatment for gastrointestinal problems and diseases. Opting for an oesophageal stent may seem like a drastic move but you can be sure that it will be discussed in depth, and you will be able to make a considered and confident decision.

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