Gastric Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (G-POEM)

What is G-POEM?

Gastric Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy or G-POEM is an innovative endoscopic procedure to treat gastroparesis, a condition where the stomach doesn’t empty its contents in the normal way. There are limited interventions for this condition, so G-POEM offers a minimally invasive solution to this chronic and often debilitating condition.

When a person has gastroparesis, problems with the vagus nerve causes the pylorus valve to go into spasm and food passes through the stomach much more slowly than usual. Learn more about gastroparesis here.

G-POEM treats the condition without the need for invasive surgery. It involves relaxing and opening the pylorus valve to allow the flow of food and drink to pass normally from the stomach into the gut.

G-POEM or conventional treatment?

Typically gastroparesis patients will be prescribed drugs which can help food pass through the digestive system more easily and others which help the muscles contract normally. Despite this, the symptoms of gastroparesis can be very troublesome and can significantly affect the quality of life of many patients. For patients who are still experiencing problems surgery (called pyloroplasty) might help.

Unlike surgery, G-POEM is an endoscopic procedure. This means no cuts are made to the abdomen (incisionless) to perform the operation and there is no external scarring. Instead, the procedure involves an endoscope passing down into the oesophagus to reach the pylorus.

A small cut is made into the inner layer of the stomach wall using a specialised electrosurgical knife which tunnels below the inner lining of the stomach, allowing the muscles to be safely cut. As it is all performed internally (like with all endoscopic procedures) there are no stitches or skin wounds to worry about.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and involves a short stay in hospital (overnight usually) as it is important to monitor the patient after the procedure. After the immediate recovery period the patient will need to follow a strict diet for a week to protect the stomach lining as it heals.


Dr Haidry is one of a small number of specialists performing the pioneering G-POEM endoscopic procedure in Europe. Dr Haidry is seeing great success in patients with gastroparesis who have seen complete symptom resolution as a result of G-POEM.

G-POEM is currently available at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in London and is covered by most private insurers. To speak with Dr Haidry about if G-POEM is a suitable treatment option book an appointment.

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