Obesity is an often-misunderstood medical condition. There are many factors which can influence the condition and there are ways a gastroenterology can help. Physical and mental health symptoms are common in obese people and many seek medical support to alleviate these symptoms.

Dr Rehan Haidry is an experienced gastroenterologist and endoscopist. He offers one of the newer weight loss procedures for obesity: endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Lifestyle and Health-Based Treatments for Obesity

Most patients who go to the doctor and find they are obese will need to consider their lifestyle before other treatments. To manage condition your GP may recommend:

  • A balanced diet – monitoring your calorie intake and ensuring it is properly in line with your requirements. You can seek help from a nutritionist or weight loss management specialists.
  • Weight loss group membership – GPs often suggest patients attend a local weight loss group or organisation for moral support and guidance in weight management.
  • Exercise regimes – finding a new exercise which suits your fitness level and turns into a habit.

Some patients also need psychological support, and this can be offered via your GP too. You may need to examine your relationship with food. Some people find it difficult to lose weight despite lifestyle changes and may be ready to consider surgical treatment. Dr Haidry helps patients with endoscopic weight loss procedures, particularly endoscope sleeve gastroscopy.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Endoscopy sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is a newer type of weight loss procedure. Dr Haidry can offer this procedure to patients who:

  • Have a high BMI of 30+
  • Have not had success with diet and surgery

Dr Haidry is an experienced endoscopist and can safely carry out ESG procedures. It is a minimally invasive procedure which involves creating a pouch or sleeve within the stomach using the endoscope. This reduces the size of the stomach with the ai of helping you to lose weight as you feel full quicker. Patients need to commit to a healthier lifestyle too or the procedure can be unsuccessful. It is essential you want to commit to change when you consider ESG. ESG also has the benefit of being a lower risk alternative to older gastric band and gastric weight loss surgeries.

If obesity is a problem, you need to discuss your options with your GP. You can also get in touch with Dr Haidry’s secretary to enquire about your options and suitability for ESG.