Feedback from Patients undergoing Stretta with Dr Haidry

It’s been six months since my Stretta treatment and I feel wonderful! Hardly any heartburn, no nausea or stomach upset, the best thing I’ve ever done.I take Gaviscon sometimes and very infrequently Ranitidine 150mg, only if I go to wine tastings or know I might eat too much. Otherwise no problems at all. I am so happy, it has improved my quality of life no end! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Before Stretta I’ve been nauseous and ill nearly every three months. I’ve had gallstones, and they’ve been removed last year, that might have helped too, but I am feeling great since Stretta.

Glad I saw Dr. Haidry, he is a pro and knows what he is doing.

Mrs Y.

Before I had stretta I had the following symptoms :

  • waking up each morning with my nose congested, a sore throat and a bad taste in my mouth
  • I felt lethargic most of the time. When wanting to do exercise, running out of energy quickly and getting out of breath easily and always with a runny nose
  • regurgitated food and sick in mouth on a regular basis over any given week with frequent acid and wind

Post procedure:

  • immediately after the procedure I was in a bit of pain but once the paracetamol had kicked in this was managed.
  • I was back eating medium to solid foods with a week
  • I felt immediate relief for 2-3 weeks after the operation which was amazing – due to the swelling no doubt
  • after a couple of weeks, day to day routine was back to normal. I had held off training but soon for up and running with that again
  • it was difficult to burp for the first 4 weeks or so which was amusing more than anything and actually reassuring in a way as it felt like it was ‘keeping it where it should be’
  • chest was a bit sore initially internally upon long distance running but this was within a month of the procedure so probably to be expected.

12 months on

  • occasionally wake up with sore throat. Usually if I have eaten something I shouldn’t have but in the round 70% improvement on prior to the procedure.
  • Lots more energy and stamina.
  • occasional reflux but literally a handful of times per week as oppose to several times per day
  • still get a bit congested which is why I am keen on a stretta 2 but it’s nothing like what it used to be.

On the whole I would say a 70% improvement overall. Some days, it doesn’t even cross my mind whereas prior to the procedure I knew about it each day and looking back, it was quite depressing.

I am so pleased I did it and I wouldn’t think twice about a second one if the benefits built on where I currently am. “

Mr F.

I had no problems post procedure and managed discomfort with just Paracetamol for the first couple of weeks. I am currently taking Esomeprazole 20mgs bd and Ranitidine 300mgs at night. It is 12 weeks since the Stretta and I have noticed some improvement over the last 3 or 4 weeks. I was very troubled by mucus production throughout the day and that has drastically reduced. I get some discomfort at the base of the oesophagus but less intense and less often than before. Bitterness in the mouth symptoms were happening after nearly everything I ate but it mostly occurs now on waking in the morning and if I overeat or make an unwise food choice. Of course because I feel a bit better I am tempted to do both these things! I can now drink an occasional cup of tea or coffee with no reflux. Overall I would say my symptoms are 10 to 15% improved. I still have the occasional “bad day” for no obvious reason.”

Mrs R.