At the recent British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Annual Conference (June), Dr Haidry presented new data about Z-POEM, a pioneering new treatment for Zenker diverticulum (ZD).

ZD is a condition where ‘pouches’ form in the food pipe, (leading to problems when eating and drinking) and tends to affect elderly patients.

Dr Haidry and his team at the Cleveland Clinic London carry out research on all their endoscopic procedures, including the innovative Z-POEM procedure for ZD patients with pharyngeal pouches. Since introducing this procedure to the United Kingdom, Dr Hadry has carried out the largest number of Z-POEM procedures in the United Kingdom and continuously analyses his own outcomes.

His own data, presented at BSG, shared outcomes of the minimally invasive Z-POEM technique and a second abstract analysed the procedure outcomes in comparison with alternative treatments. In his patients treated at the Cleveland Z-POEM demonstrated 100% technical success and early clinical success of 94% with a very low recurrence rate (just 8%). The procedure time was 48 minutes and the inpatient stay was 1 day on average.

The comparison study showed that Z-POEM offers distinct advantages over surgical options, such as better access, more precise and higher rates of technical success.

“I believe that, in centres with experience in advanced upper GI endoscopy, Z-POEM should be considered first in almost all ZD patients,” Dr Haidry commented, “Compared to surgical techniques. These outcomes are superior and also significantly less invasive.”

These data have also been shared at the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) and will be published in a scientific journal later on this year.