Dr Rehan Haidry and his team at the Cleveland Clinic in London are pioneers of the latest endoscopic procedures in the field of gastroenterology.

Dr Haidry is globally recognised as an early adopter of several game-changing endoscopic alternatives to conventional surgery and personally leads a busy programme of international training on advanced procedures such as transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF) training, endoscopic suturing techniques  and EndoFLIP Clinical immersion (a gastrointestinal physiology course).

Each course attracts up to 20 consultants (from hospitals across the UK and Europe) looking to pursue interventional endoscopy and set up new procedures in their respective units.

Upcoming courses:

  • Train with TIF (October)
  • Endoscopic suturing course (December)
  • Bespoke third space endoscopy mentoring programme (January)


For further information please contact the course organisers at: cclendoscopycourses@ccf.org